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Answer the following teasers from Mensa to test your mental skills

  • What letter should appear next in this sequence?

    B F H L N R T ?
  • Answer: X

    Go forward two letters, then four, then two again, then four again and so on.

  • Assume you are using a basic calculator. Press the numbers in the order shown, replacing each question mark with a mathematical sign. Plus, minus, multiply and divide can each be used once only. In what order should they be used to score 15?

    3 ? 8 ? 4 ? 2 ? 7 = 15
  • Answer:

    Plus, multiply, divide and minus.

  • Use the letters given to complete the square so that three other words can be read downwards and across. What are the words?

  • Answer:

    Obey, lean and lynx.

  • What is the value of the top row of the grid?

    A = 20, B = 30, C = 45.

  • Answer:


  • What letter should replace the question mark?

  • Answer: C

    If each letter is replaced with its value, the top of each square minus the bottom of each square gives the middle.

  • In which direction should the missing arrow point?

  • Answer: Upwards

    A sequence of arrows pointing up, down, left and right run along the top row and then back along the second row and so on.

  • What number should replace the question mark in the grid?

  • Answer: Four

    Along each row the first and third number totals the same as the second and fourth number.

  • What four letter word can be attached to the end of the word to the left and to the beginning of the word to the right to form two longer words. What is the word?

    Shoe - ? - Top
  • Answer:


  • What number is missing from this sequence?

  • Answer: 13

    Add each number to the previous number to get the following number.

  • If YN = 22,

    SB = 34,

    PM = 6,

    what does JD = ?

  • Answer: 12

    Minus the alphabetical value of the second letter from the first and multiply by two to give the answer.

  • That's all folks! Thanks for playing along.